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  • Westmount Registrations

    Westmount Registrations


    Because schools remain closed to students and visitors due to COVID-19, new student registrations will now be submitted online. If your child is new to the Division, you must complete our school’s online registration form, fill out and upload the Student Registration form and submit supporting documents before your child(ren) can be registered for the upcoming school year. 

    Our school will no longer accept printed registrations. Do not drop off student registration forms at the school. 

    Submitting a registration package after the deadline of April 15, 2020 may limit your options to schools with available space.Learn more about registration dates and deadlines

    Learn more about schools that have implemented a lottery process, and how it might impact new student registration.



    You will need to use an existing Gmail account or set up a free Gmail account to fill out the online form. This helps us protect the privacy of your personal information.


    Upload copies of the following documents:

    • a completed, signed Student Registration form (fill out the form electronically, print a copy and scan the completed copy, or print and take clear photos of each completed page.)
    • confirmation of address for the student's parent/guardian (see below)
    • legal proof of the student’s name, citizenship and birthdate (see below)

    All documents must be uploaded in order to submit the form. Please ensure that you are providing clearphotos and the entire page is visible for each document submitted. 

    Examples of accepted documentation:

    Legal proof of student’s name

    Confirmation of address

    • Canadian provincial birth certificate
    • Canadian citizenship document
    • passport
    • student visa
    • driver's license
    • utility bill
    • home insurance
    • property tax bill
    • In some cases, immigration documents (e.g. landed immigrant documentation or a Permanent Residence Card) may also be required. Visit Citizenship and Immigration Canada for more information.
    • In some cases, you may be asked to provide more than one of the above. 



    Families who are unable to register online can mail their completed Student Registration form and copies of their supporting documents to the following address:

    Central Records
    18004-116 Avenue NW

    Edmonton  AB T5S 1L5

    To be part of Edmonton Public Schools pre-enrolment process, we strongly suggest families register online to ensure their documents are received before 4 p.m. on April 15, 2020, in case postal service is interrupted.


    Once you have submitted your completed student registration form and supporting documents, we will review all of the documents. This does not mean your child has been enrolled at the school—we will contact you to let you know once your child is enrolled.

    We will contact you if we need clarification about any of the documents you submit.

    For junior high and high school registrations—once we confirm your enrolment, we will reach out to you for your course requests. 


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Division Re-entry Strategy

Read our COVID-19 Division Re-entry Strategy for information about how we’re welcoming students and staff back into schools this September.We’re preparing to welcome students and staff back into schools this September.


Welcome to Westmount School

We are a community of students, parents, teachers and supporters dedicated to preparing
young people for the academic and real world challenges they will encounter on their journey to
adulthood and beyond.  Students at Westmount are served by superb teachers who work with
students to foster their individual success in all subject areas.  Students have multiple opportunities
for learning beyond the classroom through sports teams, band-art-drama productions, clubs,
field trips, presentations and experiences.


Principal's Message


Welcome to Westmount Junior High School!  As principal at Westmount, I am truly honoured to be working with staff, students and a school community that has shown such a wonderful commitment to education. Westmount is a school with a rich history that has been committed to high quality education for over 100 years.

Westmount Junior High School promotes high standards and expectations for each student in regards to academic performance and responsible citizenship during the school day as well as after school hours.  Great attendance has proven that results will follow.  It is the contribution of our students to our school community that makes Westmount Junior High School remarkable!  We encourage participation in academic programs, fine arts, athletics, and community service along with a willingness to act responsibly as an individual to promote a positive academic environment for all.  I am extremely proud of our growth the past few years and improvement in the areas of attendance, student conduct and achievement that allows us to continue to foster greater success in these areas.

Westmount Junior High has seen a huge growth in population, teaching staff and programs offered. Our school focus is "Engagement" and we look at every opportunity to attach our students to real life experiences so that they are prepared when they start their next succession plan.  One program that has Westmount celebrating success is the development of the complimentary course program where life experiences and samples of next level learning help prepare our students for the future.  Within the option program students engage in four different themes:  Academic Enhancement, Career Transition Foundations, Fine Arts and Performing Arts as well as Health and Wellness.  Students have up to fifty option courses to choose from.  A variety of complimentary courses support this practice and the vision of our school.

Westmount had tremendous success last year in the area of Science.  Our new Science lab lends to the fine work we are doing in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) programming. Students will be empowered through project based learning and full engagement with activities that will enhance each student’s learning on a very practical basis. 

Our school is a microcosm of the Edmonton community and represents our city in its purest form as we celebrate the strength in diversity. One of our more popular programs is our Cree and Culture program where the Cree language and land based education become a major part of student learning.   We also offer French and Literacy which supports our English Language Learners, as well as, students who need support to continue their development in the world of literacy.

We believe that our parent community is equally important in the success of our students.  We encourage parents to participate in the daily learning activities of their child by talking to their child about their learning and openly communicating with their child's teachers.  There are also many other opportunities for parents to connect with the school by being active members of the Parent Advisory Council, by attending sporting and musical events, student-led conferences and parent-teacher interviews.

I am very excited to be the principal of Westmount Junior High School for my sixth year and I know that the 2019-2020 school year will be a successful one.  I want staff, students and parents to know that I have an open door policy to ensure that there is effective communication between all Westmount Junior High partners.  My strength in education lies on the fundamental principle of fostering effective relationships.   I look forward to continuing our relationships and making new ones in the future.


Rick Stanley – Principal of Westmount Junior High