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School Profile

Westmount Junior High School, established in 1913, has a rich history and plays an integral role in the communities of Dovercourt, Inglewood, Sherbrooke, Westglen, Westmount, and Woodcroft. We celebrate diversity at Westmount and we are very proud of our community of belonging. A welcoming atmosphere that celebrates all people is the hallmark of the Westmount Junior High experience. The Westmount neighbourhood is experiencing growth as new young families move in and upgrade existing housing. Westmount Junior High is located near Westmount Mall and the 124 Street Business District.

Westmount serves grades 7, 8, and 9. We offer Cree and French as second languages. We are a division site for Opportunity programming in a 7/8/9 classroom and we provide targeted support for English language learners in regular classes. There is a strong belief in a strengths-based approach and high expectations for all students. A variety of option courses are offered to provide students with well-rounded CTF programming. We promote community and conversation.