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Instructional Focus

Our 2023 - 2024 Goals towards continuous improvement align with and support our Division's Vision, Mission, and Strategic plan.

Goal 1:  By June 2024, students will demonstrate growth in writing as measured by: all students who participate in the HLAT and are below grade level will demonstrate growth toward "at or above" grade level scores, 50 percent of students whose performance is adequate will achieve proficient scores, there will be an increase in the percentage of students achieving the acceptable standard and standard of excellence on the Grade 9 Part A PAT. 

Achievement of this goal will be supported by the allocation of dedicated class time where teachers engage directly with students to discuss writing strategies and editing feedback, using HLAT-like prompts, collaborative marking, and teacher observations to identify specific areas for targeted supports/interventions in writing for students. We will use HLAT and PAT data to track improvement.

Goal 2: Westmount Jr High will maintain a sense of belonging and social, emotional and physical well-being through continued and purposeful relationship and connection building amongst staff, students and families. We will engage in intentional collaborative education and experiences to address inclusion, anti-racism and the understanding and knowledge of First Nations, Métis and Inuit ways of being and knowing.

Achievement of this goal will be supported by and tracked through attendance data, school-generated surveys, the Assurance Framework Survey and Division Feedback Survey. In addition, we will measure progress through reflections, observations, and conversations with all stakeholders.