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Regular 7-9

At Westmount Junior High School, we are pleased to offer all of our students the full complement of core classes as outlined by the Alberta Provincial Curriculum.  Students work in an inclusive setting, using the latest resources and technology.  Our excellent staff are committed to adapting curriculum to meet the needs of students who may be challenged by the regular curriculum, or who find regular academic work relatively easy.  For more information about the Alberta Curriculum please visit the Alberta Education Website.

Here is the link for ALBERTA EDUCATION WEBSITE - http://www.learnalberta.ca/content/mychildslearning/

Language Arts 7

Grade 7 students extend their understanding by finding different ways to express ideas, such as through magazine ads or brochures. They analyze how story lines progress, considering settings and characters, and make notes using headings, subheadings or symbols.

Language Arts 8

Grade 8 students will study and create their own texts, including oral, print and visual texts, as they develop listening and speaking, reading and writing, viewing and representing, and inquiry and research skills.

Language Arts 9

Grade 9 students examine ideas, experiences and information from points of view that differ from their own. They discuss how different people take away different meanings from the same material. Using different sources of information, they continue to develop their own opinions and impressions.

Social Studies 7

Your child will explore the people and events that led to Canadian Confederation, and the major changes in Canadian life since then that have shaped citizenship and identity in our diverse society.

Social Studies 8

How do people in different societies view the world and influence each other? Contact between societies that view the world in different ways has shaped our world. Through inquiry, your teen will reflect on their own worldview and assess the influence that the past has on the present. By examining historical examples drawn from Japan, Renaissance Europe and Spanish and Aztec societies, your teen will better understand how contact between societies can lead to change.

Social Studies 9

How do our government and economy work? How do they affect me? Grade 9 Social Studies focuses on citizenship, identity and quality of life. Students will examine the relationships between Canada’s political and legislative processes, and they’ll examine the impact of these processes on governance, rights, citizenship and identity. Students will also explore issues of economics and their impact on quality of life, citizenship and identity in Canada and the United States.

Math 7

Learning about statistics - Your child will learn and explain the divisibility rules, solve problems involving percent, and add and subtract integers. They will add and subtract fractions and mixed numbers. Your child will model and solve one and two-step equations, and solve problems involving area. They will understand the mean, median and mode for a set of data and create and interpret circle graphs.

Math 8

Understanding ratios, rates and proportions - Your teen will understand perfect squares and square roots, and solve problems involving percentages, rates, ratios and proportions. They will multiply and divide positive fractions, mixed numbers and integers. Your teen will solve problems involving the Pythagorean Theorem, surface area, volume and probability of independent events.

Math 9

Working with powers and polynomials - Your teen will solve problems involving powers and apply the order of operations, including exponents. They will solve problems involving operations on positive and negative fractions and decimals, and understand square roots of positive numbers. They will model and solve problems using linear equations and linear inequalities in one variable. They will also be introduced to polynomials and solve problems involving circle geometry and scale diagrams.

Science 7

How are heat and temperature different? Your child will begin the study of energy, matter and forces and analyze and communicate understandings of Earth and its ecosystems. Grade 7 Science focuses on the science- and technology-related knowledge and skills your child needs in order to solve problems and make decisions about social and environmental issues.

Science 8

How do hydraulics work and why do we have an epiglottis? Students apply this Grade 8 Science vocabulary as they investigate machines and the human body. They experiment with liquids and gases to interpret their uses in everyday situations, and they learn how light travels through different materials and how vision works.

Science 9

Can you make sense of the periodic table? Students in Grade 9 Science work safely with chemicals to explain, interpret and extend their understanding of chemical theory. They also design, test and evaluate electrical devices that transfer and transform energy, and they explore the role of genes and DNA in the diversity of life. Students study space exploration and how science and technology are related.

Physical Education 7-9

What are the benefits of an active lifestyle? Your child will take part in various activities that will help them to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. They will grow to appreciate the importance of physical activity, while discovering essential life skills, such as cooperation, leadership, fair play and teamwork.

Languages 7-9

Languages open the door to other cultures and other ways of seeing the world. A variety of languages are being taught at Westmount, including Cree and French.



Option Electives

Westmount runs a trimester calendar for options. We offer several elective choices for students to choose from over 3 terms:


3D Printing, Animal Care, Agriculture, Breakfasts, Careers, Construction, Culinary, Desserts, Engineering & Design, Get a Job, Indoor & Outdoor Gardening, Photography, Robotics, Young Entrepreneurs


Creative Writing, Sign Language, Strategy Games


Band, Beading, DIY Crafts, Drawing, Drama, Fiddle, Guitar, Indigenous Crafts, Mixed Media, Sculpture, Watercolour, Weaving Crafts


Archery, Badminton, Basketball, Bike Mechanics, Cheer, Community Walks, Cooperative Games, Cycling, Dance, First Aid, Flag Football, Floor Hockey, Indigenous Games, Outdoor Education, Sports Performance, Swimming, Volleyball, Yoga

* See OTHER PROGRAMS for Option Electives course list and descriptions