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Career and Technology Foundations Option Electives

There are five clusters in CTF: Business, Communication, Human Services, Resources, and Technology. These clusters are groupings of occupational areas with broad industry commonalities. Clusters in CTF are aligned with Career and Technology Studies (CTS) and the National Occupational Classification (NOC) and function as an organizing tool for the CTF program. A CTF learning journey offers students an opportunity to engage with one or more of the five CTF clusters. In this way, they will begin to discern their interests, aptitudes and passions.


Aboriginal Cooking

Come cook and eat some of the best Aboriginal Foods that Alberta has to offer.  We will combine some traditional and contemporary dishes such as “Indian Tacos”, bannock (baked and fried), fried fish, baked fish and perhaps even try our hand at stewing and frying some moose meat - depending upon the availability of “wild meat”.  No previous skills required, just bring your taste buds.


This beginning animation course exposes students to the range of traditional and digital techniques used in stop-motion, Claymation and 2-D or 3-D computer animation.  Students learn basic theory and mechanics of animation, develop observational and drawing skills and study the fundamental principles of character design, layout and storyboarding.


Students will be introduced to the many amazing things that exist outside Earth’s atmosphere. Starting with a tour of our own solar system, we will then move further and further into deep space. We will also explore how telescopes work, as well the best places to point them. Supermassive Black Holes, Quasars, Pulsars and Supernovas are just some of the amazing things in our universe that truly are stranger than science fiction.


Never skip the most important meal of the day again! In Breakfasts students learn a number of healthy, easy and most importantly delicious meals that are perfect for first thing in the morning. Students explore cooking techniques and practices to create eggs, pancakes, homemade jam and more. 


Myblueprint.ca is a career based website that allows students to explore their learning styles, investigate career matches from personality assessment, research educational requirements for various job interests, build resumes and complete academic and personal life goals.


Students can enter into the construction program at any grade level.  Safety and the construction of various wooden projects are learned.  There are different projects available for all levels, as students will demonstrate the proper skills and develop the proper techniques on each individual project.

Culinary Arts

This once a week course is designed to help new “chefs” master the basic essentials of food preparation. Students will acquire a working knowledge about how to select and prepare nutritious foods, maintain good health and become environmentally responsible consumers. While preparing various food products in the kitchen labs, students will practice good safety and sanitation procedures.


Release your inner cake-boss or cupcake addiction with our hands on desserts elective.  Students have an opportunity to cook tasty treats and learn some basic baking skills and techniques.

Myth Busters

This elective is an opportunity to take the things we learn in science outside the classroom to solve some of life’s myths and mysteries.  Students get to use a hands-on approach to the scientific method they study in class.


Digital Photography focuses on the history and techniques of photography as well as the study of how to create stunning images with the digital medium.  Students will learn basic operations of the camera, framing and focusing techniques, as well as a look into different lighting.

Robotics and Automation

Students learn about logical thinking as they use the Lego robotics kit to construct a robot to perform a variety of tasks, such as navigating a course, retrieving and transporting objects or altering the robot's surroundings.  This course trains students to be problem solvers and encourages critical thinking.  This course is capped at 20 students.

Strategy Games

Students will be introduced to various classic games in different formats (card, board, dice, etc.).  Game play and strategy will be taught as students work through the different games.

3D Printing

This class is an introduction in how to use 3D drawing programs and teaches the basics in using a 3D printer.  Students will learn how to draw three dimensional objects on the computer and then use a 3D printer to construct the objects drawn.  Anything from cups to figurines can be made. 

Web Design

Web design students produce and maintain simple websites.  Students learn about the basics of designing a functional website such as composition, web colours, page layout and typography. 

Young Entrepreneur

In the Young  Entrepreneur  Business  option, students are coming up with a business venture based on the theme: "Let's Make a Difference!"  These young entrepreneurs are responsible for coming up with a business plan that features a mission statement, logo, slogan, financial projections, etc.  Each group will then present their business in a "Dragon's Nest" forum with other competitors from various schools.


Academic Enhancement Option Electives

Creative Writing

Creative writing is anything where the purpose is to express thoughts, feelings and emotions rather than to simply convey information.  Students will use the stages of the writing process to plan, write and revise a short work of fiction on a topic of their choosing.

Literacy Strategies

Students practice using high impact reading/writing strategies to aid them across all subjects. Strategies include, but are not limited to, self-monitoring while reading, predicting what comes next and synthesizing information that they have read.  This class will rotate through stations. Students will take part in each activity each class: Read aloud, silent reading, reading comprehension (oral, written, word work) and writing practice. 

Math Strategies

This course offers extra help in math.  Students will have time to work on homework, develop additional math skills that supplement what is being covered in their regular math classes and go over topics in more depth that need to be reviewed.

Study Skills and Learning Strategies

Learning Strategies is an opportunity for students to enhance their study skills, organizational skills and learn strategies that work best for their learning style.  Students are given an opportunity to catch up on late assignments, or to spend extra time practicing in the areas they may find difficult. Students learn about goal setting and ways to reach their goals as well as time and stress management practices. 


Fine Arts / Performing Arts Option Electives

Acrylic/Oil Painting

Students use a range of different acrylic and oil techniques to create a variety of well balanced compositions on different subjects.  Students become familiar with different styles of art such as impressionism, post-impressionism, expressionism and pop art.  There is a focus on the elements of value, shape, form and texture.


Band class provides the opportunity to learn a number of different wind and percussion instruments, all provided by Westmount School.  A variety of music is sampled, ranging from pop, to more traditional band repertoire.  Students will be taught all the necessary musical and theoretical concepts that will enable them to continue with music beyond junior high school.   No musical experience required!


In this class, students will be introduced to the skills and fundamentals of bead work.  Various beading projects and designs will be available for viewing and students will have the opportunity to create their own project(s).  Possible projects include (but not limited to) beading on a loom, medicine bags, lanyards, bracelets and earrings.


Drama students engage in creative theatre exercises to develop imagination, observation, and concentration. Students also condition their bodies and voices to be flexible, coordinated, and expressive.  Students are introduced to drama through activities such as improvisation, tableau, pantomime, storytelling and characterization.  By the end of the course, students will have an understanding of the basic elements of dramatic productions.


Students use various instruments and techniques to record and represent subject matter in a two-dimensional format. Drawing students work with materials such as graphite, charcoal, pastels, ink, coloured pencils and scratchboard.


The Fiddle class will provide instruction for beginners, intermediate and advanced players with a focus on various fiddling styles.  Classes will expose the student to fiddle techniques and with old and new tunes.  Fundamentally the classes will help improve music reading skills while developing a greater understanding of rhythm and listening techniques.

FNMI Arts and Crafts

This class will examine various art forms and aesthetic expressions of select indigenous peoples of Canada’s Prairie Provinces.  Students will be introduced to various techniques and protocols for the gathering and preparation of materials and the use of ethnographic materials, and will provide learning through hands-on practice.  Students will have the opportunity to create (and not limited to) hand drums, rattles, lanyards, moccasins, medicine bags and willow art.


Students get a chance to learn how to play the guitar, no previous knowledge necessary!  Students will learn about the different components as well as the language of the guitar, and learn introductions to chord structures, guitar theory, and strumming patterns.  In an effort to keep the pace of the course fun and engaging, students will be able to learn a variety of songs fairly quickly, some even at their own request! 


Students use a variety of malleable materials to represent subject matter in a three-dimensional format.  Sculpture students work with many materials including plasticine, ceramic clay, Fimo polymer clay and wire.


Students use a range of different watercolour techniques to create a variety of well balanced compositions on different subjects.  Students become familiar with transparency and opacity through the nature of watercolour paint.  There is a focus on the elements of space and colour. 


Weaving Crafts incorporates a variety of projects, allowing students to experience both following a pattern and creating their own. These activities require patience, dexterity and an eye for detail. Due to their hands-on nature, these crafts are gaining popularity worldwide.  The creative and cultural variations allow for multiple types of artistic expression and practical use.  


Health and Wellness Option Electives


Students will develop the proper safety skills needed to handle the equipment. The goal for each student is to correctly handle the bow and arrows using the proper technique to constantly improve on target accuracy.


This course is designed to teach students the skills and fundamentals of team play, rules and etiquette of the game and principles of basic strategy involved in basketball.  Emphasis will be placed on skill development, rules and training and the importance of working within a team.


Both males and females are welcome to this course.  You will learn routine building that involves jumping, tumbling, stunting and dance.  The program is designed to help you build strength, flexibility and rhythm.  There’s a possibility for performances!   

Flag Football

Flag Football focuses on developing football skills by practicing passing and receiving through various drills.  Students will also learn both offensive and defensive strategies.  Classes will consist of a mixture of drills, scrimmages and short games.  All students must arrive prepared to participate and willing to learn skills as a member of a team.

Girl Power

This course focuses on teaching girls to be confident, strong and independent.  Students will study the ways in which girls are represented in media and how that influences the way they view themselves. Students will work towards feeling empowered through discussions, projects and hands on experiences.  Students will consider their own views on self-esteem and self- worth, with a goal of improving the way they see themselves and other women around them. We will study how beauty techniques can be used to enhance natural beauty and express confidence, without over shadowing the woman beneath it all. 

Rock Climbing

In this course students will develop climbing movement, bouldering techniques, protocols and safety. There will be a focus on safety skills (e.g. belaying, equipment use, knots) as well as learning the basics of climbing and rappelling. Students will have the opportunity to practice these skills through bi-weekly fieldtrips to a local climbing wall.


Soccer is designed for students who enjoy participating in the World's most popular game. Students will develop skills like passing and receiving the ball, learn defensive and offensive strategies and develop skills to work effectively with various teammates. This class is activity based and all students are expected to show up to class prepared to practice and play games.  The focus is continual skill development and enhancing team work skills.

Sports Performance

Sports performance is a course that focuses on providing students with a good background on elements that ensure a healthy lifestyle.  Students will learn about goal setting, nutrition, creating fitness plans and using these plans in our fitness center.

Swimming/ Aquatics

All classes will be walking to and from Peter Hemmingway (Coronation) swimming pool. Students that enjoy aquatic fitness will improve their current swimming level and  learn the proper techniques needed to further improve the different types of swimming strokes and overall fitness.

Trail Bike Riding, Maintenance and Repair

In this option, students will be given the opportunity to head out on the bike trails of the river valley and experience the city in a totally new way. Biking is a great way to keep fit and depending on the terrain, can be quite technically challenging! We will learn basic bike maintenance and repair skills to make sure our bikes are in safe riding condition and we hope to involve some community bike shops in this process.   Once our bikes are fit to ride, we will head out on the trails! Starting on easy terrain, we will learn and develop more biking skills until we can handle more advanced single-track terrain! We will learn how to: find new trails, follow appropriate trail riding conduct, safely navigate many different possible obstacles, maintain our bikes, do on-the-trail fixes, and most importantly, enjoy biking!


This course will focus on opportunities to further develop skills and strategies to enhance performance and enjoyment of the sport.  Students will have opportunities to develop attacks and defenses at a heightened level.  Students enrolled in this option must come prepared to play hard every class!


In Yoga we will explore the fundamentals of the Hatha branch of yoga.  Students will be introduced to the basics of yoga practice, the importance of breathing in yoga and warm-up poses.  From there we will be exploring various seated, chair, standing and table poses.  Poses will become more difficult in a gradual manner, focusing on the process and practice and the way each pose affects the body.  Yoga option is a fun, safe environment where all students with or without experience are welcome!